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Many banjos, banjo parts, etc. are offered for sale in our automated classifieds system. Ads placed in that system have automatic expiry dates, so they all eventually go away unless their owners continually renew and replace them. Those ads are open to anyone wishing to use them, and have no restrictions whatsoever, other than the fact that they must be about banjos.

The "permanent" ads and links listed below are provided to BANJO-L subscribers and are presented by BANJO-L as a courtesy to the banjo community. If you have any comments or questions about a particular item, please contact the person indicated in the listing.

Please remember that the contents of these listings are entirely the responsibility of the individuals listing the items for sale. I (ZEPP) have no knowledge or information about these items, and can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the listings (unless it's something that I have for sale, of course).

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BANJO-L Subscribers' Recordings, Books, etc. For Sale:
NOTE:Listings bracketed by asterisks (*) contain photos, and will take longer to load (unless you've turned off the "autoload images" feature of your browser).

  • Acoustic Mayhem. Traditional Music and More...
  • Bob Buckingham & Friends. My Friend is a Mule in the Mines. "Old Time Excursions." Features Reed Martin, Todd Clewell, Bob Hess, & Tim Renner.
  • The Calvins. Jim and Royann's recordings.
  • Vintage Banjo by Mary Z. Cox. Old time banjo with guitar and fiddle. Visit my webpage to hear music samples, see cover, and list of tunes.
  • Stephen DiBonaventura Tenor Banjoist.
  • Geoff Freed and Ann Frenkel: Classic-style (turn-of-the-century ) music
  • Speed of Sound A bluegrass banjo instrumental CD, by New Yorker Ben Freed
  • * Under the Influence * Celtic & original music by Chris Grotewohl
  • Ron Hillier's band Deadline Ridge CD, MP3s, & info.
  • Hans Holzherr's banjo CD and tab book Deep thought from the hippo
  • Mandolin Instruction, Old Time, Country & Fiddle Tunes Book & CD by Mike Holmes (Reed Martin plays banjo, Mike Rivers on guitar).
  • * Mark Johnson and Clawgrass * Including his latest release, Bridging the Gap.
  • Brad Leftwich's clawhammer book, * Round Peak Style Clawhammer Banjo *
  • David Littlefield's Dixieland Chord Book
  • Arnie Naiman, Chris Coole, Brian Taheny, and Chris Quinn: * "The Banjo Special * . This is a banjo lover's dream: Great Clawhammer, Bluegrass and Irish Tenor banjo all in one disc!
  • * Ken Perlman's * Recordings, Books & Tapes
  • Harry Reser & The Clicquot Club Eskimos
  • Lisa Schmitz's Christmas recording: Glad Tidings
  • Notes Along The Way: Old-Time and New-Time renditions of 5-string banjo tunes with incidental vocal accompaniment by Hank Schwartz
  • Hand Picked Tunes, Hot bluegrass and bluegrass/swing from banjo picker Chuck Winch and friends.

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    NOTE: Listings bracketed by asterisks (*) contain photos, and will take longer to load (unless you've turned off the "autoload images feature of your browser).

    While there are some Banjo Camps and similar happenings sponsored by--or featuring--BANJO-L Subscribers described here, be sure to visit Phil Mann's site to check on his listings, too. Use this link to visit his homepage (and break out of my frames!).

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