[Album photo of Chris & Banjo]

Under the Influence

I have Cds and cassettes available of Under the Influence, a Celtic instrumental album. All the music is played on a Stelling and is done single-string style (Reno Style).

It was mixed by Grammy award winner Bil VornDick in Nashville. Check out http://celticmusic.com for more info and sound clips..........thanks,

Chris Grotewohl

New!Celtic 5-String: Playing Irish Dance Tunes Tab in the SINGLE-STRING STYLE for the 5-String Banjo. This book, by Chris Grotewohl, offers over 60 Irish tunes (and one Grotewohl original) in tablature form for the 5-string banjo. Also includes some explanation of techniques, and excercises. More information, including a special deal for ordering the book and CD together is available.
What the critics are saying:

Chris Grotewohl is the next major Celtic-based 5-String banjo player
to hit the scene. His renditions of traditional tunes and his own
tastefully surprise-choked compositions are impeccable.
Every triplet, gracenote and slur is in place. Though technically
demanding, there's a joyous onrushing emotionality  to much of  his
music. If you need a lift, let Chris's music be your elixir.

                                          TONY TRISCHKA

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is just another banjo album. Playing Celtic music on the 5-string banjo is hard enough, but Chris Grotewohl's music has world appeal. He has a great flair for writing tunes, and as a composer myself, I really enjoy this aspect of his talent. I like Under the Influence, and so will you . John Whelan Narada Recording Artist & 1983 All-Ireland Accordian Champion
Chris Grotewohl is a remarkable musician. I never thought that Irish music could be played successfully on the five string banjo until I heard Chris play in a session in Kansas City, Missouri. It was hard to believe all the sounds that I heard coming from his banjo. I had to check to make sure that it was really a five string banjo he was playing because he was producing the kind of phrasing and ornamentation that one never hears on that instrument. When I listened to his CD, Under the Influence, I knew I was listening to a musician who has immersed himself in the music and developed a unique style that seems to evolve naturally from the tradition. I was also most impressed by the varied repertoire of Irish instrumental pieces he featured on the recording and also by the quality of his own compositions. This is an excellent debut recording. Mick Moloney