c       gCGBD   Standard C 
        c2      gCGCD   Double C
        co      gCGCE   Open C
        do      f#DF#AD Open D
        g       gDGBD   G
        gm      gDGCD   G Modal

        (Other tunings are unabbreviated.)


        Art 1      The Art of the Mountain Banjo
                   Art Rosenbaum
                   Centerstream Publishing
                   ISBN 0-931759-24-2

        Art 2      Old-Time Mountain Banjo
                   Art Rosenbaum
                   Oak Publications
                   ISBN 0-8256-0116-9

	Bob	   Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo
		   Bob Carlin
   	    	   Centerstream Publications
	           ISBN 0-89898-227-8

	David	   The Banjo Picker's Fakebook
		   David Brody
		   Oak Publications
		   ISBN 0-8256-0271-8
**** Dwight ****Dwight Diller Banjo Tab WWW Page by Gordon Banks

        Ken 1      Melodic Clawhammer Banjo
                   Ken Perlman
                   Oak Publications
                   ISBN 0-8256-0226-2

        Ken 2      Clawhammer Style Banjo
                   Ken Perlman
                   Centerstream Publishing
                   ISBN 0-931759-33-1

        Ken 3      Devil in the Kitchen
                   Ken Perlman
                   Marimac Recordings, Inc.

        Larry      How to Play the Old Time Clawhammer
                     Picking Style on the 5-String Banjo
                   Larry Peterson
                   8214 Bowie Dr., Omaha NE 68114

        Mel Bay 1  Mel Bay's Complete Clawhammer Banjo Book
                   Lisa Schmitz & Alec Slater
                   Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
                   ISBN 0-7866-0049-7

        Mel Bay 2  Mel Bay's Frailing the 5-String Banjo
                   Eric Muller & Barbara Koehler
                   Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
                   ISBN 0-87166-878-5

        Miles      Clawhammer Banjo
                   Miles Krassen
                   Oak Publications
                   ISBN 0-8256-0151-7

        Pete       How to Play the 5-String Banjo
                   Pete Seeger
                   "Published by the author"
                   Sold where you can find it; no copyright

        Tim        How to Play Banjo
                   Tim Jumper
                   Amsco Publications
                   ISBN 0-8256-2352-9

        Tim 2      The Banjo Player's Songbook
                   Tim Jumper
                   Oak Publications
                   ISBN 0-8256-0297-1

        Wayne 1    A Manual on How to Play the 5-String
                      Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus!
                   Wayne Erbsen
                   Pembroke Music Co.
                   ISBN 0-8258-0000-5

        Wayne 2    Southern Mountain Banjo
                   Wayne Erbsen
                   Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
                   ISBN 0-7866-0419-0

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               *No longer in print nor available from normal sources;
                so listed here separately for those interested.