Disclaimer:  Titles are repeated here 
    exactly as they are in the book.  Don't
    blame John for any out-of-date wording
    that long preceded all of us.  These
    are banjo tunes foremost; words to them
    are secondary, and vary from decade to
    decade and from place to place.

    Page Tuning Title

      36 aCGCD  Forked Deer
      62 c      Mississippi Sawyer
      94 c      Mother's Plea, The
      20 c      Old Jimmy Sutton
      89 c      What Is Home Without Babies
      66 c2     Arkansas Traveler
      41 c2     Blackeyed Suzan
      79 c2     Charleston
      49 c2     Ducks on the Millpond
      84 c2     Fisher's Hornpipe
      35 c2     Forked Deer
      74 c2     Golden Slippers
      77 c2     Jay Bird
      21 c2     John Lover's Gone
      17 c2     Johnson Boys
      37 c2     Liberty
      85 c2     Needle Case
      56 c2     Old Molly Hare
      32 c2     Polly Put the Kettle On
      25 c2     Pretty Little Widow
      78 c2     Rachel (Texas Quickstep)
      54 c2     Richmond Cotillion
      80 c2     Rickett's Hornpipe
      55 c2     Rocky Mountain Goat
      33 c2     Rye Straw
      57 c2     Sally in the Garden
      52 c2     Soldier's Joy
      67 c2     St. Anne's Reel
      27 c2     Three Butchers, The
      76 c2     Too Young to Marry
      68 c2     Wind that Shakes the Barley, The
      58 c2     Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn, The
      63 co     Casey Jones
      73 co     Georgia Waggoner, The
      86 co     John Henry
      23 co     John Henry
      92 co     Snowdrop
      90 co     Spanish Fan Dango
      70 co     Turkey in the Straw
      50 g      Alabama Gal
      24 g      Bill Cheatam
      60 g      Buck Creek Girl
      29 g      Calahan
      87 g      Colored Aristocracy
      34 g      Forky Deer
      48 g      Georgia Railroad
      22 g      Girl I Left Behind Me, The
      93 g      Girl I Left Behind Me, The
      18 g      June Apple
      46 g      Leather Breeches
      45 g      Leather Breeches
      40 g      Little Rabbit
      44 g      Miss McCloud's Reel
      64 g      Old Joe Clark
      15 g      Sally Ann
      72 g      Sandy River Belle
      14 g      Sourwood Mountain
      91 g      Spanish Fan Dango
      69 g      Wake Up Suzan
      81 g      Whistling Rufus
      84 gm     Blackberry Blossom
      42 gm     Chinkapin Pie
      26 gm     Cluck Old Hen
      43 gm     Coo-Coo, The
      31 gm     Cumberland Gap
      38 gm     Omie Wise
      47 gm     Paddy on the Turnpike
      88 gm     Pretty Polly
      30 gm     Run, Nigger, Run
      16 gm     Sail Away Ladies
      75 gm     Sally Johnson
      61 gm     Wild Horse at Stoney Point, The

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