WHY is there a BANJO-L?
Sean Barry , our Founder and First List Owner, said that he created BANJO-L to be a discussion group "for devotees of all sorts and styles of banjos, banjo music, artists, accessories, history, and any other subject related to the venerable instrument. The list is unmoderated, available to all, and not limited to any particular style--Dixieland clawhammer players should feel just as much at home as melodic banjo-uke enthusiasts."

Sean created this List 06 June, 1996, and dutifully administered it on a server at the University of California, Davis until 02 June, 2003, when personal changes made it necessary for him to find another List Owner for us. That banjo-baton is now being carried by Marc Perdue, and the List is now hosted by the University of Virginia. The List exists as a discussion forum that encompasses the full range of things banjo. Beginners and widely known professionals alike freely exchange information, views, and observations on BANJO-L.

Unlike the sad state of affairs on the banjo newsgroups, alt.banjo and alt.banjo.clawhammer, BANJO-L is a spam-free environment, for only subscribers can post to our discussions.