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Banjo Bibliography
  • A Banjo Bibliography. Compiled by Tim Thompson
    Banjo Building, Construction, Care & Feeding:
  • Installing Railroad Spikes as 5th-string capos, by Peter Roehling, . Here is a French language version of that article, translated by François Jacob.
  • Pearl Inlay. Detailed "how-to" instructions for cutting and inlaying mother of pearl. Written by the founder and former List Owner of BANJO-L, Sean Barry, and posted to alt.banjo as a three-part series.
  • Random Thoughts on Nut Materials. A comprehensive comparison of the characteristics of varying materials used for nuts on fretted instruments. Written by the founder and former List Owner of BANJO-L, Sean Barry, and posted to BANJO-L in June, 1998.
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  • Mounting a Skin Banjo Head. Step-by-step explanation for installing the "real thing" by Mike Longworth, BANJO-L's resident historian.
  • The Experience of Mounting a Skin Banjo Head! A blow-by-blow realization of what actually occurs in the mounting. As posted to BANJO-L by Lew Stern.
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    Useful Addresses
  • Banjo Addresses. A list of useful addresses and contact numbers for banjo players by Dave Marshall,
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    Banjo Players' Biographies:
  • Dock Boggs a biography Written by Christopher Milne.
  • Roy Smeck a biography Written by Jim Garber.
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    Banjo Playing Style:
  • Is it Frailing or is it Clawhammer? by Donald ZEPP
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    Subscribers' Reviews of Banjo Books, Products, etc.
  • New! Review of Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineersby Michael Cala
  • Reviews of Clawhammer Instructional Videosby Rose Vines
  • Can Anyone Recommend a Good Book to Learn Banjo by? by several subscribers
  • Clawhammer Book Reviews by Tim Thompson
  • Pickboy Electronic Tuner: Some observations by Donald ZEPP
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    Banjo Trivia
  • Anita Kermode's compilation of 5-string banjo tunings.
  • Tune Index of clawhammer tunes published in tablature.
  • What Makes a Whyte Laydie (a Whyte Laydie)? Written by Donald answer to the question as posted in alt.banjo.
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  • Pickin' Magazine Written by Sean Barry. A discussion of the demise of this magazine, as posted to BANJO-L
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    Other; being things that I didn't know where to put...
  • The Banjo Song, a poem by Rudyard KIPLING
  • The Silent Banjo, a poem by G.H. Conrard [ Top ]

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