Now Available:
A new recording by tenor banjoist Stephen DiBonaventura.
This recording features standard, classical and jazz songs.  

The songs are:  
Beethoven's 5 1/2, 
Samba de Orfeu, 
I'm getting sentimental over you, 
The Bear, 
Minor Swing, 
William fell over the chair,
Fright of the Fumblebee, 
Mona Lisa, 
Tiger rag, and
Banjos and tubas forever.   

The instrumentation on the recording is banjo, tuba, guitar and drums.  
The recording is available in cassette and Cd format.  
Cassette price is $12 and 
Cd price is $17.  

If both Cd and
cassette are ordered, price is $22.  
All prices include shipping and handling.  
Check or money order should be made payable and mailed to:
Stephen DiBonaventura, 
227 North 65 Street, 
Philadelphia, PA, 19139-1007.