Compiled by Anita Kermode

A Tribute To Tommy Jarrell (Heritage 063; 1986) LP

Albert Hash & The Whitetop Mountain Band (Heritage 015; 1979) LP

American Banjo: Three-Finger And Scruggs Style (Smithsonian Folkways SF 40037; 1990) CD

Appalachia, The Old Traditions, Vol 1: Blue Ridge Mt. Music From VA & NC (Home Made Music 001; 1982) LP

Appalachia, The Old Traditions, Vol 2: Blue Ridge Mt. Music From VA & NC (Home Made Music 002; 1983) LP

Art Rosenbaum: Five String Banjo (Kicking Mule 208; 1974) LP

Art Rosenbaum: The Art Of The Mountain Banjo (Kicking Mule 203; 1975) LP

Banjo Legacy: Music of West Virginia (Augusta Heritage AHR-006; 1989) LP

Barry Hall: The Virtuoso Five-string Banjo (Folkways FG 3533; 1964) LP

Bertram Levy: That Old Gut Feeling (Flying Fish FC 37271; 1982) LP

Bill Evans: Native & Fine (Rounder CD-0295; 1995)

Bill Mansfield & The Carolina Mockingbirds: Root Hog Or Die (Flying Cloud FCOT0005)

Bing Brothers: Just For The Sake Of It (Jim Martin C-6252; 1993) CS

Bob Carlin: Fiddle Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo (Rounder 0132; 1979) LP

Bob Carlin: Where Did You Get That Hat? (Rounder 0172; 1982) LP

Bob Carlin: Banging & Sawing (Rounder 0197; 1985) LP & (Rounder CD-0197; 1996)

Bob Carlin & John Hartford: The Fun Of Open Discussion (Rounder CD 0320; 1995)

Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham: Say, Old Man (County CD-2714; 1996)

Brandywine 1974: The Galax Sound (Heritage 006; 1975) LP

Brandywine 1976: Music Of Kentucky (Heritage 018; 1977) LP

Bruce Molsky: Lost Boy (Rounder CD-0361; 1996)

Bruce Molsky & Bob Carlin: Take Me As I Am (Marimac 9023; 1989) CS

Buell Kazee: Buell Kazee (June Appal 009; 1978) LP

Cathy Fink: Banjo Haiku - Clawhammer Banjo Tunes (Community Music CM202; 1992) CS

Clawhammer Banjo (Vol 1): Old Time Banjo And Fiddle Tunes (County 701; 1964) LP

Clawhammer Banjo (Vol. 2): More Banjo Songs & Tunes From The Mountains (County 717; date?) LP

Clawhammer Banjo Volume 3 (County 757; 1978) LP

Clyde Davenport: Puncheon Camps (Appalachian Center AC002; 1992) CS

Coon Creek Girls: Early Radio Favorites (Old Homestead OHCS-142; 1982) LP

Coon Creek Girls: Lily May, Rosie & Susie (County 712; 1968) LP

Dan Gellert & Shoofly: Forked Deer (Marimac 9000; 1986) CS

Dee & Delta Hicks: Ballads & Banjo Music From The Tennessee Cumberland Plateau (County 789; 1980) LP

Dick Weissman: Old Time Banjo Modern Style (Kicking Mule KMC 214; 1979) CS

Dirk Powell: If I Go Ten Thousand Miles (Rounder CD-0384; 1996)

Dirk Powell & John Herrmann (Yodel-Ay-Hee 003; 1992) CS

Dirk Powell, John Herrmann, Tom Sauber: One Eyed Dog (Yodel-Ay-Hee 008; 1993) CS

Doc Watson & family: The Doc Watson Family (Smithsonian/Folkways CD SF 40012; 1990)

Doc Watson & family: The Watson Family Tradition (Rounder 0129; 1977) LP

Doc Watson: Memories (Sugar Hill CD-2204; 1993)

Doc Watson: The Essential Doc Watson (Vanguard 45/46; 1973) LP

Dock Boggs: His Twelve Original Recordings (Folkways RBF 654; 1983) LP

Dock Boggs: Legendary Singer & Banjo Player (Folkways FA 2351; 1964) LP

Dock Boggs: Volume 2 (Folkways FA 2392; 1965) LP

Dock Boggs: Volume 3 (Asch AH 3903; 1970) LP

Don Stover: My Blue Ridge Memories (White Oak 101, 1988 ) LP & CS

Don Stover: Things In Life (Rounder 0014; 1994)

Dwight Diller: Harvest: West Va. Mountain Music (Yew Pine Mt. Music 1X3; 1997) CD

Dwight Diller: Just Banjo (YP-002; 1996) CS

Dwight Diller, John Gallagher, Tom King: Piney Woods (YP-007) CS

Eric Weissberg, Marshall Brickman: New Dimensions in Banjo & Bluegrass (Elektra EKL 238; ca. 1963) LP

Fields & Wade Ward (Biograph RC-6002A; 1968) LP

Folk Banjo Styles (Elektra EKL 217) LP

Folk Visions And Voices, Vol. II: Traditional Music & Song In Northern Georgia (Folkways FE 34162; 1984) LP

Frank Proffitt: North Carolina Songs & Ballads (Topic 12T162; orig. Folk-Legacy FSA/1; 1962) LP

Fuzzy Mountain String Band (Rounder 0010; 1972) LP

Fuzzy Mountain String Band: Summer Oaks And Porch (Rounder 0035;1973) LP (NB Both reissued on Rounder CD-11571; 1995)

Hammons Family: Shaking Down The Acorns - Trad. Music & Stories From Pocahontas & Greenbriar Counties, W Va (Rounder 0018; 1972) LP

Hank Bradley: Hassle The Caller (Sage Arts CD-1601; 1991)

High Atmosphere: Ballads & Banjo Tunes From VA & NC (Rounder 0028; 1965) LP

High Atmosphere, CD Reissue (11 new tracks) (Rounder CD-028; 1995)

Highwoods String Band: No. 3 Special (Rounder 0074; 1976) LP

Hobart Smith Of Saltville, VA (Folk-Legacy FSA-17; 1964) LP

Ill-Mo Boys: Fine as Frog's Hair (Marimac 9054; 1992) CS

Indian Creek Delta Boys (Davis Unlimited DU 33029; 1976) LP

Jody Stecher & Friends: Snake Baked A Hoecake (Bay 203; 1974) LP

Joel Mabus: Clawhammer (Fossil 491-C; 1991) CS

Kimble Family, Vol 1: Carroll County Pioneers (Marimac 9036; 1992) CS

Kimble Family, Vol 2: Pine Knots School Rowdies (Marimac 9037; 1992) CS

Kyle Creed: Liberty (Heritage 28; 1977) LP

Lee Sexton: Whoa Mule (June Appal 0051; 1988) LP & CS

Library Of Congress Banjo Collection, 1937-1946 (Rounder 0237; 1988) LP

Mark Simos: Race The River Jordan - New Old-time Style Fiddle Tunes (Yodel-ay-hee CD-017; 1995)

Matokie Slaughter: Saro (Marimac 9028; 1990) CS

Mike Seeger: Music From True Vine (Mercury SRM 1-627; date?) LP

Mike Seeger & Alice Gerrard (Greenhays GR-704; 1980) LP

Mike Seeger, Solo: Old Time Country Music (Rounder C-0278; 1991)

Molly Tenenbaum: And The Hillsides Are All Covered With Cakes (Cat Hair Music 1994) CS

Morgan Sexton: Rock Dust (June Appal JA0055; 1989) LP

Morgan Sexton: Shady Grove (June Appal 0066, 1992) CS (NB: This recording repeats a number of tracks on "Rock Dust")

Mountain Banjo Songs & Tunes (County 515; date?) LP

Mountain Music Of Kentucky (Folkways FA 2317; 1960) LP

Mountain Music Of Kentucky CD Reissue, added material (SF CD-40077, 1996)

Music Of Kentucky, Vol 1: Early American Rural Classics, 1927-37 (Yazoo CD-2013; 1995)

Music Of Roscoe Holcomb & Wade Ward (Folkways FA 2363; 1962) LP

New Lost City Ramblers: There Ain't No Way Out (Smithsonian-Folkways SF 40098; 1997) CD

Old Five String, Vol 1: Clawhammer Banjo Solos (Heritage 39; 1983) LP

Old Originals, Vols 1 & 2: Old Time Instrumental Music Of NC & VA (Rounder 0057, 0058; 1976) LP

Old Time Banjo Pieces: Greg Jowaisas, Steve Adkisson, Jack Bunch (Kid of the Mountain; 1988) LP

Old Time Banjo Project (Elektra 27; date?) LP

Old-Time Banjo Anthology, Vol 1: Field Recordings (Marimac/ Augusta Heritage AHS 4; 1991) CS

Old-Time Banjo In America (Kicking Mule 204; 1978) LP

Old-Time Mountain Ballads (County CD-3504; 1995)

Pete Seeger: Darling Corey (Folkways FA 2003; 1950) LP

Pete Steele: Banjo Songs & Tunes (Folkways FS 3828; 1958) LP

Piney Creek Weasels: Squirrel Heads & Gravy (Hay Holler C-1101; 1996) CS

Reed Island Rounders: Wolves in the Wood (self-produced, 1996) CS

Rick Abrams: Wild Goose (Heritage HRC-071; 1987) CS

Ron Mullennex: Sugar in My Coffee (Jim Martin Productions, jmp-0040; 1997) CS

Ron Mullennex: Taking Yesterday Along (Bluestone 001; 1989) CS

Rufus Crisp: Rufus Crisp (Folkways FA 2342; 1972) LP

Sonny Osborne: Bluegrass Instrumentals By The Osborne Brothers (MGM E-4090, 1962) LP. (Included in the recent Bear Family CD-reissues, BCD 15-598 DI.)

Stu & Gloria Jamieson: Banjos, Lamas & Bagpipes (Self-produced; 1996) CD

Taj Mahal: De Ole Folks At Home (CS 9924; date?) LP

Tommy Jarrell: Come And Go With Me (County 748; 1974) LP

Tommy Jarrell with Fred Cockerham & Oscar Jenkins: Down To The Cider Mill (County 713; 1968) LP

Tony Ellis: Dixie Banner (Flying Fish 444; 1986) LP

Tony Ellis: Farewell My Home (Flying Fish CD-70620; 1993)

Traditional Music From The Cumberland Plateau, Vol. I: Gettin' Up The Stairs (County 786; ldate?) LP

Troxell Brothers: Troxsong (Marimac C-9025; 1990) CS

Uncle Dave Macon: Go Long Mule (County CD-3505; 1994)

Uncle Dave Macon: Travelin' Down The Road (County CCS-CD-115; 1995)

Virgil Anderson: On The Tennessee Line (County 777; 1980) LP

Visits: The Old Timers/ The Young Musicians (Heritage 033; 1981) LP

Volo Bogtrotters: Backside Of Buncombe (Marimac 9022; 1988) CS

Wandering Ramblers: Rambling and Wandering (Marimac 9033; 1991) CS

Young Fogies, Vol 1 (CD reissue includes tracks not on tracks not on orig. LP of 1985) (Rounder CD-0319; 1994)

Young Fogies, Vol 2 (Rounder CD-0369; 1995)