Banjo Players' Directory

Short Version:

The Banjo Players'Directory is no more...

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Long Version:

The Banjo Players' Directory has lived on the BANJO-L website since the inception of each in 1996. It has, though, never been an “official” part of BANJO-L, rather having been initially developed as a self-serving measure by this site's author as a convenient means for to find other banjo players when I used to travel a lot.

In 1998, I assumed ownership of a retail business, and found that ca. 137% of my time was dedicated to keeping said business afloat. At the same time, my ability to keep the Directory up to date suffered immensely, and updates became fewer and fewer and farther and farther between.

As the Directory had been updated manually by yours truly, I realized that an automated, live system would be far preferable, and I enlisted the aid of a BANJO-L subscriber to help make this happen. Unfortunately, by the time everything was working, the Directory was so out of date that updating it would be about impossible, which meant we would have to start over, having contributors reenter all their personal data.

During this same time period, Eric Schlange started a web-based forum for banjo discussion, etc. His creation, has grown in popularity and scope, and includes an interactive directory of banjo players.

That directory is far more user-friendly and up-to-date, so, the Banjo Players' Directory is hereby abandoned. Instead, I heartily urge anyone and everyone interested in being listed or in finding another banjo player to visit where you will find the Banjo Hangout Players Directory.

I shall archive the files that comprised the old Banjo Players' Directory; if you have need of information therein, please contact me directly.

I thank all those who have participated in this site's success over the years. I apologize to those who patiently waited for me to add them, only to find that the this Directory is no more...

Please click here to go to the Banjo Hangout Players Directory.

Thanks—it's been fun!

Donald B. ZEPP

19 Feb 2004

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