A Banjo Bibliography

by Tim Thompson
with Contributions by:
Lew Stern and
Michael I. Holmes

Notes and Comments:
1. This is a work in progress and there is much left to do (see below). Any suggestions, additions, or comments will be gratefully received.

2. The purpose of this is to update and augment bibliographic work done by Clayton (1978), Linn (1994), Conway (1995), and others. It is not intended to replace the references lists included in those works and does not include all references in those works.

3. The Scope of these references covers primarily the 5-string banjo, its history and development, its players, and the musical contexts in which it was played from earliest times up to the beginnings of bluegrass style. Bluegrass music is by this time an overwhelmingly large subject and should be the topic of studies by those more knowledgable and interested in it than I. This scope is defined contextually rather than temporally: thus, references to biographical material or performances by old-time musicians dating from relatively recently are included, while contemporary bluegrass topics are not. Some technical material, particularly by Siminoff, that is of primary interest to bluegrass music has been included since no convenient way to divide this subject up could be devised.

4. What should be here that isn't yet: A canvas should be made of all issues of Pickin' magazine and the first year of Frets magazine should be made. I did not have access to these materials. A canvas of the Banjo Newsletter should be made. A canvas of Bluegrass Unlimited, which does indeed include stories and material on "pre-bluegrass" banjo, should be made. A systematic canvas of record liner notes from numerous recordings and re-recordings of old-time music should be made. Only a few that were conveniently at hand to me are included here. It was not my intention that this should include discography (beyond textual material already mentioned) but this would be a worthy addition for someone knowledgeable in this area, and some examples by Kermode and others are available on the web. Record reviews, however, are not included here. Traditional archival sources which include business records, newspapers, personal papers, etc. are likely to contain a great deal of useful information. A few examples at hand are included, and I hope to pursue this further on a time available basis.

5. There seem to be a number of us interested in this and I take no proprietary interest in this listing. I encourage any and all to add to this as a group effort, from which we might all benefit. Address material to:
with Attn: Tim Thompson as subject

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