Getting the BANJO-L Archives

Variations of the following question often appear on Banjo-L. Herewith, the good news and the bad news...

Q. I am interested in previous postings regarding ___________. Can I find out what has already been posted about this?

The Good news: Postings to BANJO-L have been stored on a University of Virginia server since 02 June 2003, and are accessible only to BANJO-L subscribers via the website to which this link will take you. ( Note: You will need your BANJO-L-subscribed email address and password to access these archives).

The Very Bad news: Our older, ucdavis archives from 06 June 1996 until June 2003 were lost when the List itself moved from California to Virginia. *sob*

Other questions and comments about our current archives should be addressed to the List Owner, Marc Perdue.

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