Some notes on List Manners

The following post to BANJO-L was made 20 Dec 1997, by subscriber Jeff Chumley, whom I thank for his cogent comments and for permission to post them here:
Subject: The changing face of Banjo-L

This is not an ordinary list. It is a huge extended family. We know 
each other by our posts. We notice when someone is missing for a while.
We have respected citizens - those that have earned respect by their 
long successful careers and those who have gained our respect by sharing 
their knowledge, style and humor with us over the last few years. As 
in any huge family, there is always room for more and all are welcome. 
For anyone who is new to this list or any other list, I respectfully 
recommend a few guidelines for "newbies" (I happen to think they're 
just as valuable for us "oldies," too. -- dbz)

1. If you have a question, by all means ask. YOU may think it is stupid 
but we won't.

2. If you want to introduce yourself please do. Tell us about yourself 
and your banjo.

3. IF you want to toss in an opinion go right ahead but put it in context
such as...

        "I used to own one of those and here is what I think will solve 
         that problem..."


        "So-and-So once told me..."


        "I have never been in that position but it seems to me..."

This helps us to learn about you and to weigh your opinions against our 
own and those of other listees.

4. Be polite. 

5. If you feel like slamming someone and you aren't naturally polite 
enough to resist, have the backbone to email them off list. It's more 
like telling someone how you feel as opposed to talking about them behind 
their backs.

I guess in short, be polite and courteous and take the time to develop a
feel for the list. 



* Remember, These are _MY_ suggestions, not Sean's! (List Owner at the time this was written)